The Thief

One evening, Shichiri Kojun was reciting sutras.
A thief wielding a sharp knife entered. He threatened Kojun to give up his money or his life.

“Don’t disturb me. The money is in the drawer over there.”

Shichiri resumed his prayers. Then he paused and added,
“By the way, don’t take it all. I need to pay taxes tomorrow.”

The thief took most of the money.

“Don’t forget to give thanks when you have received a gift.”

The thief thanked Shichiri and took off.

A few days later, the thief was caught and was charged with multiple thefts.
The police called on Shichiri Kojun to be a witness.

“This man did not steal from me.
I gave him the money and he thanked me for it.”

The thief went to jail. When he was released, he went straight to Shichiri Kojun and became his disciple.

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