The Real Miracle

A priest believed in the chanting of the name of the Buddha of Love for salvation.
He was very jealous of Master Bankay’s very large following.

One day, he decided to go and challenge him. During one of Bankay’s lectures, he shouted out,

“The founder of our sect had real miraculous powers.
Once, he stood at the bank of a river with his brush.
His attendant stood on the opposite bank holding out a piece of paper.
Just like that, the master wrote the name of the Buddha on the paper.
He did it straight through the air, across the river.
Imagine that! Can you do such a wonderful feat?”

Bankay replied nonchalantly,
“Perhaps a fox can perform tricks like that.
But such is not the way of Zen.
My miracle is when I am hungry, I eat. When I am thirsty, I drink.”

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