A Beggar's Life

Tosu was a Zen teacher. He had many disciples but soon was tired of the monastery life. He disappeared one day.

Three years later, a former disciple found him among the beggars. He pleaded for Tosu to teach him.

“Very well, if you can do as I do for two days.” That was Tosu’s condition.

The first day went by without any incidents.

On the second day, a fellow beggar died. Tosu and his former disciple carried the corpse up to the mountain for a midnight burial.

That night, Tosu slept soundly but the disciple could not sleep.

The next morning, Tosu saw that there was no need to beg for food for the day. The dead man had left some food uneaten. Soon, Tosu was done with breakfast. But…the disciple could not take even one bite.

“You cannot do as I do. Now, get lost!” 

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